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About Us

Motion is life!

Sofia Chiropractic has been an established fixture in Lawrence since 1997. In 2013, we moved to our current location, Marston Medical Center — formerly an old mill that was lovingly refurbished to its present beautiful space. The move has allowed Dr. Mark Sofia to enhance his relationship with area medical doctors, who often refer their staff, patients and family members to him for care.

Helping Patients Move Freely

At Sofia Chiropractic, we understand that when movement is restricted, quality of life is often diminished as a result. That is why we aim to help patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, high school athletes to those injured in an auto accident. Whatever your age or condition, it is our belief that enhanced health comes with moving freely without pain or discomfort. We also know that chiropractic may not be the solution for every patient. If Dr. Sofia cannot help you, he will refer you to someone who can.

Finding Inspiration from a Former Professor

Dr. Sofia states that his practice philosophy is “Motion Is Life”. The inspiration for this philosophy came from one of his former professors at New York Chiropractic College. Despite being well into his 80’s, this professor would perform full body range of motion exercises daily. Because of this practice, the professor was never subjected to the typical loss of movement most senior citizens experience. While this 80 year old man was demonstrating his ability to perform a high kick, he would say to Dr. Sofia, “Motion is Life”.

Taking the Time to Care

Have you ever felt as if you were just a number or experienced assembly line health care? At Sofia Chiropractic, Dr. Sofia provides every new patient with an extensive examination that includes obtaining your medical history and a full physical exam. He takes the time to ask questions and answer any that you may have. He has been told by many patients that his physical exam is much more comprehensive than any exam they have ever received by their primary care physician. “We are different from our competitors due to the amount of depth we put into diagnosing and helping our patients.”

Move freely and optimize your quality of life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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