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New Patient Reviews:


Wonderful Experience

Wonderful experience and this was my first time coming here. It takes a lot to be able to trust someone when you are injured but Dr Sofia’s knowledge and empathy make that easy to do. Everyone working there where helpful and friendly/ professional and I’m looking forward to feeling better
˜Mark B.

I Was So Impressed

I was so impressed by the welcoming staff. They are very polite, friendly and professional. The office is very clean. Dr Rawling is very nice. He explained my situation very well. Although he couldn’t help me with my diagnosis, he referred me to the right Doctor. I recommend the Doctor to anyone in need of a good and experienced chiropractor.
˜Demiana M.

Kind, Compassionate, Extremely knowledgeable

I have never had any doctor in my life spend more time with me, not rush me, and ask all the questions needed to have a good outcome with my situation. Dr. Sofia was kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable, and really made me feel like he cared and wanted to help me. Additionally, every one of his office staff was pleasant and efficient. I highly recommend this practice and I am confident that he will be able to solve my problem. Thanks so much!
˜Lisa L.

Patient and Welcoming

Dr. Sofia and the staff were great in making me feel like I was welcome. The staff was very patient with helping me get through the new patient documentation and Dr. Sofia was great with explaining to me what the possible issue is that I’m having and the best approach to get me back to normal life.
˜Johnny C.

I Definitely Loved the Service

I definitely loved the service. The rooming assistant was so nice, the doctor is amazing & listens so well, to try and figure out what is going on for sure. Thanks, Dr. Sofia Chiro and peers! Keep it up. We the patients & patient family members see you.
˜Luis G.

Struggling with Back Issues for Over 10 Years

The staff was courteous, attentive, and very friendly. Dr. Sofia was exceptional. Hands down one of my favorite doctors from here moving forward. There are no words to even describe the joy and satisfaction I felt when I left the office today after my office visit. I have been struggling with back issues for over 10 years now and today was the first time that I can honestly say that I am in good hands and on my way to recovery. Thanks to Dr. Sofia.
˜Giselle S.

Excellent Treatment

This was my first experience with a chiropractor and was not entirely sure what to expect. I was in a car accident approx. two years ago. As a result, I fractured vertebrae in my back and compressed 2 discs. I have gone through just about every treatment known to man in those two years, seeking some sort of sustained relief from the pain I am experiencing. Being in the medical field myself, a colleague recommended Dr. Sofia. I am glad they did. Dr. Sofia gets it. From his excellent treatment, curiosity, investigative mind and ability to connect, you know where you stand immediately and what the next steps look like. I am looking forward to future appointments, and feel confident whilst being in Dr. Sofia’s care. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
˜Tony F.

I Felt Being Taken Care Of

I have never experienced so much attention and caring to my complaints of back pain, for the first time I felt I was actually being taken care of someone who is invested in helping me get to a better place, thank you! The consultation and evaluation were sooo detailed, Dr. Sofia made me feel confident of not only his knowledge but also his passion for what he does, he is clearly intentional about the care for his patients.
˜Jenny A.

I Was Blown Away

Dr Sofia and his staff are so experienced and helpful. I haven’t been to a chiropractor in a long time, and I got to say I was blown away. Dr Sofia is an amazing chiropractor he’s interested in helping you get back to your old self. And it flows down to his staff. They are very knowledgeable and helpful they make you feel right at home. If your looking get better Dr Sofia and his staff will help.
˜Julio V.

Great To Talk With

Dr Sophia was great to talk with and very knowledgeable about the human structure of the body
˜Carl B.

Friendly Staff

Friendly staff that makes you feel confident that you chose the correct chiropractor service available to help get you back on to good health.
˜Vanessa R.

Fantastic Chiropractor

Dr. Sofia is a fantastic chiropractor. He listened to my problems and was very thorough with his initial examination. I was very pleased with my visit and look forward to returning to the office for my next adjustment.
˜ Amanda M.

Felt Confident

I’m so happy that my friend recommended Dr. Sofia to me to treat my sciatic pain. He is an extremely personable doctor, intelligent and compassionate. I trust his knowledge and experience will get me on the road to recovery. He, as well as his wonderful staff, makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Looking forward to my future visits!
˜Theresa Z.

A New Man!

First time ever seeing a chiropractor!! When I left there I felt like a new man!!! The doctor is awesome makes you feel like you’re talking to a friend!!
˜Michael B.

Felt Confident

This was my first chiropractic experience. I appreciated the thorough review and conversation/explanations prior to any treatment, this made me feel confident I made a good decision choosing Dr Mark.
˜Christopher C.

I Appreciate You

I appreciate you adding me into your schedule. Thanks.
˜Brad R.

Highly Recommend

Excellent and individualized treatment. Very professional and I would highly recommend.
˜Wallace W.


My first visit was amazing! I am looking forward to a long, healthy and beneficial relationship with Sofia Chiropractic!
˜Tina R.

Positive Experience

Very positive experience ! Caring and professional Doctor, and friendly, helpful staff.
˜Patricia F.

In Good Hands

Marc Sofia was wonderful! He explained everything every step of the way so that I knew exactly what was going on and why we were doing something. He’s very personable and has a great sense of humor! Which made me feel very comfortable and like I was in good hands. Definitely cant wait to go back!
˜Ida G.

I Have Confidence

I was delighted that Sofia chiropractor was able to see me immediately. I was in intense pain from muscle inflamed hitting the sciatica nerve and he was able to help ease it. It’s a lose healing process but I have confidence that Dr. Mark will help to mend it.
˜Imelda K.

Loved the atmosphere of the office

Dr.Sofia made sure i was comfortable and helped me understand what was going on. He knows what he is talking about. So first appointment went good and was already scheduled for a 2nd appointment for that following week.
˜Kaylee A.

Great first experience!

˜David L.

Ample Time for Questions

From the moment I walked into the office I was greeted with smiling staff and taken very quickly to a room where Dr. Sofia promptly entered. I was impressed with the amount of time he took with my exam, more so than my primary care physician. There was ample time for questions and nothing was rushed. After various therapies and hands on work, I felt for the first time in weeks some relief! In all honesty I knew what to look for in chiropractic care and Dr, Sofia scored an A+.
˜Judy M.

Amazing First Visit

Amazing first visit. Initially I was nervous and did not know what to expect but everyone made me feel at ease and cared for. Dr. Sofia is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I am looking forward to my upcoming visits!
˜Lorena H.

Marvelous Teacher

This was THE most thorough exam I have ever had! Not only does Dr. Sofia want to know about my physical health, but he is also extremely interested in my family’s health history. He is incredibly patient, kind & brilliant!
Dr. Sofia talked with me in layman’s terms and encouraged any and all questions. He is a marvelous teacher, as well. I enthusiastically await my next visit. Thank Dr. Sofia and staff for such a positive first visit!!

˜Mary K.

Incredibly Patient, Kind & Brilliant

This was THE most thorough exam I have ever had! Not only does Dr. Sofia want to know about my physical health, but he is also extremely interested in my family’s health history. He is incredibly patient, kind & brilliant! Dr. Sofia talked with me in layman’s terms and encouraged any and all questions. He is a marvelous teacher, as well. I enthusiastically await my next visit. Thank Dr. Sofia and staff for such a positive first visit!!
˜Mary K.

Helpful, Friendly and Professional

The entire staff was helpful, friendly and professional. All aspects of my visit was both interesting and insightful. Dr. Sofia’s adjustments were done only after I was informed of his every movement. I was satisfied with my visit and look forward to my next one.
˜David C.

I like Dr. Sofia

I like Dr. Sofia. He was clear on what he will do to make me better.
˜Susan S.

Outstanding Job

I actually look forward to my visits here. Everyone is nice and friendly and make you feel comfortable. They also do an outstanding job.
˜Joel S.

Very Professional

I liked the atmosphere in the office very pleasant and kind overall they are very professional.
˜Hector P.

Very Impressive

I was impressed with Peggy and Dr. Sofia. Also impressed with the website and patient login. Thank you!
˜John C.

Highly Recommend This Practice

Everyone in this office was kind and extremely helpful. I was brought in with Dr. Sofia right on time making me feel comfortable and at ease the entire appointment. They are great with scheduling and have flexible hours. Highly recommend this practice. Thank you Sofia Chiropractic!
˜Glenny L.

Alert to My Needs

Place was great. The office was clean and very well organized. The music is nice and claiming to enjoy the relaxing massage in a quite dim room. The doctor was really nice and friendly was very alert to my needs for my pain level. The girls who work there are also very nice and friendly. I really enjoy my visit. I can’t wait to go back and get my treatments again. I highly recommend this office and the staff really great people.
˜Johana S.

Professional Staff and Doctor

Very professional staff and doctor. High level of examination and treatment. ˜Mark C.

Glad I Made the Time

Felt better by the next afternoon. Glad I made the time to see Dr.Sofia.
˜Renate H.

Highly Recommended

I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to incorporate your services as part of my wellness during my pregnancy. The doctor has exceeded my expectations. I’m beyond satisfied and this whole experience has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking to get true relief and professional services. ˜Karina H.

Returning for More Help

Thank you! Will see you again. ˜Ekaterina K., M.D.

Helpful and Informative

The doctor was very helpful and informative. Clearly very knowledgeable and eager to help me manage my pain. ˜Justin P.

Expectations Greatly Exceeded

I went in having had a great experience at the last office I had been to and had high expectations for my visit with Dr. Sofia. My expectations were greatly exceeded and I’m excited to continue to work with him. ˜John H.


Staff was very friendly, and Dr. Sofia was very thorough. ˜Melissa H.

Professional and Friendly

Dr Sofia was a great listener and even printed out information for me regarding an unrelated health issue. Dr. Sofia and his staff are professional and yet so friendly. And yes, my back felt great by the time I left! ˜Barbara N.