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Meet Dr. Mark Sofia

Discovering Natural Relief for Migraines

Lawrence Chiropractor Dr. Mark Sofia

Dr. Sofia and his family enjoy spending time together

When Dr. Sofia was a child, he suffered from severe migraine headaches that he would experience weekly. “They would last a day to a day and a half to the point where I was on the couch with an ice pack all day for most of my childhood.” His primary care physician prescribed Fiorinal®. Although the medication would bring temporary relief, the problem of frequent headaches still existed.

His parents were concerned about the long term effects of continuing to use a medication that was not addressing the source of the problem. They brought him to see a chiropractor who was a good friend of Dr. Sofia’s father. “My parents weren’t familiar with the benefits of chiropractic, but figured they had nothing to lose.” After he started getting adjusted, Dr. Sofia’s headaches dramatically diminished to the point where he was eventually only experiencing one every 2-3 months. He looked up to his chiropractor as a superhero and wanted to be like him.

Definition of Chiropractic – “Done By Hand

Dr. Sofia, who is also a professor of anatomy, has always considered himself to be a hands-on person. “Even as a kid, if someone gave me something, the first thing I would do is take it apart.” For him, it’s an excellent way to describe chiropractic. He gets to work with his hands and mind to diagnose and problem solve to fix what’s wrong with each person. “I love what I do. I’ve told people that if I didn’t have any expenses, I’d do this for free!”

Learning and Teaching

Dr. Sofia received his Doctorate of Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College. Prior to that, he attended Salem State University and Northeastern University. While he was attending chiropractic college, he impressed a group of professors who were teaching a review course that he was attending to prepare for his National Board examinations.

Before he had even completed the course himself, Dr. Sofia was hired by the company to teach the course. The instructors of the course were amazed at how he had been answering all the questions directed to the class. They said, “Even though you’re not always giving us the answer we want, you’re giving us an answer that would also be correct.” It was at this time that Dr. Sofia realized that chiropractic was what he was meant to do.

Taking a Lesson from Disney

Dr. Sofia and his wife, who is also a chiropractor, enjoy spending time outdoors with their two children who have grown up on the shore and enjoy surfing and swimming. He is also a self-described “accomplished chef,” whose family is in the restaurant business. When he’s not cooking, he and his family like to travel to Disney, the happiest place on earth. Beyond enjoying all the attractions Disney has to offer, Dr. Sofia has taken some behind-the-scenes tours. Dr. Sofia appreciates how Disney runs its operations and caters to the needs of its patrons. Likewise, he tries to operate his practice in a manner that gives each patient the best experience possible.

Dr. Sofia is a past member of the American Chiropractic Association and the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society. He is also a member of the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce. Committed to helping others, Dr. Sofia is a supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps to fulfill wishes to children with life-threatening conditions. Dr. Sofia also owns one of the original Herbie the Love Bug cars that he bought from Disney and brings it to various charity events.

Dr. Sofia looks forward to helping you experience natural relief and optimal wellness. Contact us today for an appointment!

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